Your sales team is going to love us.

Selling a complex solution to a niche customer group is hard. At Curious, we make it easier for your sales team to succeed. Here’s how:

  • We hyper-target your precise audience.

    We make sure each individual person you want to sell to knows who you are and understands what you can do for them—before you even reach out to them.

  • We nurture trust.

    We establish you as a trusted partner to your ideal customer, through a series of strategic, proven tactics.

  • We learn from you.

    Every two weeks we meet with your sales and leadership team. This is key— otherwise we’re just guessing. We meet with you regularly and adapt as we go.

  • We help you sell.

    We adjust our marketing on the fly to support what your sales team actually needs. And, if needed, we’re here to coach you on how and when to connect with your prospects.

How do we do it?

We put quality content in front of your ideal customers—content that’s compelling, relevant, and valuable to them. And we do it consistently. So by the time you connect with them, they already feel confident in you, and your solution.

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Meet our team.

<em>Maya</em> Khaira
Maya Khaira


<em>Jason</em> Rysavy
Jason Rysavy


<em>Tia</em> Masyga
Tia Masyga


<em>Sherwin</em> Schwartzrock
Sherwin Schwartzrock


<em>J. Brooke</em> Dorman
J. Brooke Dorman


<em>Dan</em> Hannon
Dan Hannon


<em>Julie</em> Rybarczyk
Julie Rybarczyk


“Pretty much every professional farrier in the U.S. has engaged with our marketing.”

Andrew Lyke

U.S. Sales Leader for Mustad


We’ve increased organic reach to professional farriers by 2500%.


We’ve achieved that reach with 40% fewer social media posts.


The Mustad website is seeing 2.5 times more visits by professional farriers.