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How can I reach more people with less budget?

Let’s talk about clicks. How many should you be getting? And how much should you be paying?

If you’re selling a specialized B2B or SaaS solution, you’ll probably be marketing to a smaller, more-specific group of individuals than if you were selling a consumer product.

Which means you’ll need a smarter strategy.

For you, mass marketing is almost certainly a waste of your budget. Instead, you’ll want to put your brand in front of a highly targeted audience of potential buyers.

What does that cost?

According to the standard marketing platforms, you can expect to pay about $8–20 per click for a “small” targeted audience of 50,000—and you’ll have an average click-through rate of about 0.2%.

Honestly, this is a shockingly low ROI, especially if you don’t even have 50,000 potential customers.

And remember: A click isn’t a purchase.

If the typical sales journey for your product is, let’s say, six months or longer, you’re going to need a lot more engagement before you’ll have a chance at a sale. Do the math and that starts to add up.

You can do better.

There’s no reason to settle for the status quo. At Curious, our clients pay less than $1 per click, and typically 25% to 50% of your audience will be engaged in your marketing within the first four weeks.

That’s at least 10 times more engagement, for no additional marketing spend.

Most importantly, everyone who engages with your content will already be identified as a valid prospect, with the power to purchase or influence a purchase. So every click is truly building value toward a potential sale.

Why is cost per click so much less with Curious?

Two reasons:

  1. We only target people who would be your ideal customers—people who actually need your product. We might whittle that standard audience of 50,000 “prospects” down to 1,500 actual potential buyers, and we’ll stay in front of them consistently.
  2. We only put truly relevant content in front of those people. We don’t just push clever headlines, we create highly valuable content that speaks directly to your prospects’ needs. We give them insights and tips on how to meet their goals. We show them stories about how their peers are succeeding. We develop content that your audience will find valuable.

Does it work?

With this approach, you can afford to consistently stay in front of more of your target buyers throughout their entire buying journey. And, over time, you can expect to reach 100% of them with your message, with more and more of them reading, liking, and sharing your content every week.

And you’ll achieve these results without increasing your marketing costs.

Want to know more about how we deliver this level of engagement? Let’s chat.

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Andrew Lyke

U.S. Sales Leader for Mustad


We’ve increased organic reach to professional farriers by 2500%.


We’ve achieved that reach with 40% fewer social media posts.


The Mustad website is seeing 2.5 times more visits by professional farriers.