The Marketing Skeptics

Fair Questions:

“What should I expect for engagement and reach with my marketing?”

Recently a potential client said, “Okay, Jason. Let’s say we partner with Curious. How many people will see my marketing? When will they start scheduling sales demos? How much will I sell? What are my KPIs?”

To be fair, he didn’t ask all of those questions out loud, but he was thinking them, and so are you.

So let’s get real here.

A lot goes into answering those questions, starting with more questions:

  • Do you have a good product that solves an actual problem for your prospective customers? (If you already have some paying customers, the answer is probably yes.)
  • Do people know they have the problem you’re trying to solve?
  • Do your potential customers have other options that can solve the same problem?
  • Are you clear on what sets you apart from your competitors?
  • Are your customers clear on this?

When we engage a new client, we start with those questions first.

Once we do that, we’ll deliver 100% reach.

This part I can promise you. If you are selling a B2B solution, or a solution that’s targeted at a specific subsection of customers, our marketing process will get us to 100% of the people you would like to sell to.

They will see your content.

There is only one exception.

If your customers aren’t online in any format—if they never read a news story, never Google a question, never use social media—we might not get to them. But if they ever venture online, we will.

So, bottom line: If you work with Curious, what’s the expected engagement with your potential customers?

Eventually, all of your potential customers will engage with your content. It will take time, but less time than you think.

As for when those people will start calling you up and buying your product, we’re going to have to talk about that in a future post. You might not love my answer, but it might also be the first true thing you’ve ever heard from a marketing agency. And you have to admit, that might be refreshing.

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