The Marketing Skeptics

Fair Questions:

“When is this marketing gonna get me some leads?”

Whenever I hear this question from a client, I know that’s not the actual question. What they really want to know is how long before I land some new business from this marketing?

Unfortunately, that’s not how marketing works.

There’s no such thing as a short game.

Everyone wants quick results (of course they do), and a lot of marketing agencies promise them.

But fast leads are almost always fake leads. 

Sure, you can write a click-baity headline and lure people into filling out a form to download your free ebook. This approach typically does more harm than good.

You can’t trick people into buying your product.

This is especially true if you’re selling a complex solution that requires a considered purchase, like a B2B or SaaS solution.

If you are, the key is to have an honest conversation over a consistent period of time about the things your customers actually care about, so that by the time your customer is ready to buy, they know you, they trust you, they understand why they want to work with you, and they don’t need a lot more coaxing from there.

This approach isn’t complicated—but it is hard work.

Engaging in a long-term marketing conversation requires time and patience. It might feel anti-climatic at times. But if you’re selling a solution that truly solves a need, this approach works.

You’d be wasting your money to do it any other way.

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“Our marketing feels so organic that our clients ask to be featured in it.”

Susan Denk

Founder of White Crane Design:Build


Steady increase in website visitors year over year for the past six years (and counting).


We’ve quadrupled the number of relevant, qualified leads they receive.


Zero increase in marketing spend—they currently spend less than when they hired us.