Wouldn’t it be easier to close more deals if all the right people knew who you are and why they need you?

When you partner with Curious, they will. (And for less than you think.)

We drive meaningful engagement at rates at least 10x higher than average.

When you’re selling more than a click-to-buy product, you need more than a standard marketing agency.

A lot of marketers use the same ad strategies for B2B as they do for consumers.

Others pour money into a scattered array of tactics that have no chance of reaching everyone in your target market.

When you have a limited marketing budget—or a small audience of potential clients—neither of these will deliver the results you need.

For B2B, SaaS, and other considered purchases, you need a smarter way to move customers toward a sale.

At Curious, we build 100% awareness of what you’re selling. And, over time, we build genuine trust in why it’s worth buying.

100% awareness? Genuine trust? Really?

Really. Here’s how. We’ve built a unique marketing machine that reaches the kind of smaller, more-specific audiences traditional marketing platforms struggle to find.

And, instead of basing our marketing on the latest creative trends, we use the principles of behavioral economics to meaningfully engage with your target customers and nudge them toward closing the deal with you.

We don’t throw a wide net. We throw a precise one, again and again.

And we don’t rely on catchy ads. We build real connection over time.

We pave the way for your sales team to succeed.

When you partner with Curious, you get a finely tuned marketing machine that reaches the right people with the right messages, for as long as it takes to build trust in your brand.

You also get an experienced team that goes all in on solving your business challenges and adjusts quickly to your changing needs.

Which means, if you have a sales team that’s ready to work, we’ll keep them busy with a steady stream of opportunities.

Bottom line? We make sure your customers know who to call when they’re ready—and your sales team does too.

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“Curious helped us blow past our revenue goals.”

Gwen Martin

Partner at Scouts Talent


Curious boosted monthly website visitors for Scouts by over 6x.

8 of 10

80% of web visits are ideal prospects who are responding to Scouts’ marketing.


C-level leaders of large companies are very engaged—with 240 visits/month.