Would it be easier
to close more deals

if all the right people knew who you are and why they need you? When you partner with Curious, they will. (And for less than you think.)

We guarantee it.

When it comes to B2B, SaaS, or other considered purchases, you won’t find a more effective marketing agency.

Drive 100% awareness.

Build valuable trust.

When you’re not selling a click-to-buy product, you need a smarter way to move customers toward a purchase. At Curious, we prepare every one of your prospective buyers for the next step in the sales journey, with the least amount of cost and effort.

We build trust in your brand, paving the way for your sales team to succeed.

It’s not rocket science.

Can we really promise to reach 100% of your ideal customers? You bet. We’ve developed a finely tuned system that consistently puts you in front of the exact individuals who would benefit from your product—and we ensure they have positive, meaningful interactions with you on a regular basis.

Identify the kind of individuals

that would benefit from your product or service.

Consistently target them

with relevant, high-value content.

Drive meaningful engagement

at rates at least 10x higher than average.

Straight Talk

from the marketing skeptics

We’re good at marketing, but we’re also the first to point out that marketing isn’t magic. We call bullshit on blustery promises or big ideas packaged as smart strategy. Here are some honest takes on how to get more out of your marketing dollars.

“Curious helped us blow past our revenue goals.”

Gwen Martin

Partner at Scouts Talent


Curious boosted monthly website visitors for Scouts by over 6x.

8 of 10

80% of web visits are ideal prospects who are responding to Scouts’ marketing.


C-level leaders of large companies are very engaged—with 240 visits/month.