Honest takes on what works for B2B and SaaS marketing—and what doesn’t

We’re good at marketing, but we’re also the first to point out that marketing isn’t magic. We call bullshit on blustery promises or big ideas packaged as smart strategy. Here are some honest takes on how to get more out of your marketing dollars.

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Does anyone care about your marketing? It depends.

Every business everywhere is trying to get customers to notice and engage with their marketing—but the secret to…

Why no one is buying your product. (Yet.)

The other day I told a client that 95% of their potential customers aren’t buying what they’re selling. I assured them this is good news.

When is this marketing gonna get me some leads?

Whenever I hear this question from a client, I know that’s not the actual question.

What should I expect for engagement and reach with my marketing?

Recently a potential client said, “Okay, Jason. Let’s say we partner with Curious. How many people will see my marketing?"

How can I reach more people with less budget?

Let’s talk about clicks. How many should you be getting? And how much should you be paying?


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“Our marketing feels so organic that our clients ask to be featured in it.”

Susan Denk

Founder of White Crane Design:Build


Steady increase in website visitors year over year for the past six years (and counting).


We’ve quadrupled the number of relevant, qualified leads they receive.


Zero increase in marketing spend—they currently spend less than when they hired us.